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Trisoft Aircraft Covers: Practical, Versatile Damage and Injury Prevention

Trisoft Aircraft Covers, a favorite at big maintenance facilities and with US and foreign militaries, has begun expansion into the owner, corporate, and smaller-facility market, including MRO and FBO facilities.

Trisoft covers protect both the aircraft (for example, trailing edges, gear doors) and employees (prop tips, antennae), with a unique foam cover that stays in place, fits well, and (unlike much of the competition or home-brew solutions) is both fuel and UV resistant.

Joe Garland, President and founder, saw the need for both kinds of protection when he ran an aircraft-washing business. “We saw aircraft damaged by very light contact with maintenance stands and ladders; and we were always aware of the injury potential posed by the sharp edges that are all over high-performance aircraft. Cheap and makeshift covers break down in sunlight; they dissolve in fuel; and sometimes they actually stick to the paint, causing as much damage as they prevent.”

The patented Trisoft covers are fuel and UV-resistant, and are die- and waterjet-cut from foam in a high-visibility red color that vividly contrasts with most aircraft. Certain covers are furnished with “Remove Before Flight” tags. They protect people and capital during manufacturing, maintenance, cleaning, preflight, ground handling; or any time the aircraft is near people or equipment.

Trisoft covers last for years and fit multiple aircraft; a small assortment will protect many different aircraft. Trisoft triangular covers and bumpers (available in 72” lengths to protect long and short trailing edges, gear doors, antennae, or wing and propeller tips, easily cut to length) are generally shipped immediately, from stock. Additional uses can include things like door edges and openings – or tail rotor blades – anywhere personnel or aircraft protection is an issue.


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