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Trisoft: New Padded Panel System Protects Horizontal Surfaces

Building on the success of its foam edge covers, Trisoft Covers Inc. has introduced a
companion product. Trisoft Panels interlock to cover wings and horizontal stabilizers, protecting them from dropped tools, flashlights, spray cans, and all the other hazards that can fall onto thin metal and painted surfaces.

The XLPE foam is resistant to sunlight, heat, and cold; and its closed-cell structure is chemical resistant and will not absorb water. Sized in two foot squares and packed four to a case, the squares have a natural resistance to sliding on the surface.

Joe Garland, President of Trisoft, said the pads are a natural extension of the product line. “I want to help MRO facilities protect both their employees and their customers’ aircraft. The foam edge covers protect those parts and prevent worker injuries; the new pads go a step farther in protecting large areas of the aircraft where the work is being done.”

And the patented-design edge covers? Though wear and continued fit are always problems with makeshift covers, Trisoft’s eye-catching foam, protects people and trailing edges, flaps and ailerons, gear doors, and prop tips; and it is durable while retaining its shape. Jake Schwager, the Quality Assurance Manager at the Milwaukee Citation Service Center, says, “I think the Trisoft Covers are the best because of the durability and high visibility.  We have been using them for two years and they show no real signs of wear.”

Mr. Martin Sisk, Service Manager for Cutter Aviation Dallas-McKinney, says, “Trisoft covers work well for our needs, and best of all, they stay on throughout the entire maintenance job until we are ready to remove them. They are great added protection for our customer aircraft and add an extra level of safety for our technicians. Our customers certainly appreciate their use while we service their aircraft as well – it’s an extra step to show we care -- and Trisoft makes it easy.”
A case of (4) Trisoft Interlocking Pads is priced at $76.95.


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